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3 Benefits of Booking with a Travel Agent

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Believe it or not, people are still booking their trips and vacations with travel agents. Actually - they’re doing so more than ever these days. Even though we now have online booking engines that are easy for anybody to use, the benefits of booking with a travel agent are undeniable.

Here are 5 reasons why booking with a travel agent can actually benefit you:

1. You’ll save time and energy on research

Doing your research to plan the perfect trip or vacation can take up a lot of time and energy, which you probably don’t have much of with everything else going on in your life. Research is part of a travel agent’s job, so they’ll do it for you!

2. You’ll know what to expect from your trip

Adding on to the research aspect of travel-planning, your travel agent will prepare you with insight and information regarding your flights, hotel, excursions, etc. that you might not have known about or considered otherwise. A traveler’s expectations versus reality often determine how good of an experience they will have; a travel agent will ensure that you know exactly what you’ll be getting yourself into!

3. You’ll get an itinerary that’s perfectly curated just for you

A good travel agent will take all of your specific needs and requests into account and select the best flights, hotels, excursions, and more to create the best travel experience for you.

4. You’ll have concierge service during you trip

Not only does a travel agent serve you before your trip, but they are also there as your direct point of contact should any issues arise during your vacation.

5. You’ll get all this at no additional cost to you

Many people have a misconception that using a travel agent comes with an additional cost. In general, this is not true! Travel agents make their money directly from suppliers by earning commission. If anything, you might save some money because travel agents have access to exclusive rates!

Have any questions about what it’s like to book with a travel agent? Email us at or call us at (818) 543-1821.

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