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Armenians Thriving in Sydney, Australia

Updated: Apr 10

Nestled within the vibrance of Sydney's multicultural landscape lies none other than a thriving Armenian community. With a history spanning over a century, Armenians have integrated their rich culture, traditions, and cuisine into this dynamic city. For those eager to explore Sydney's Armenian heritage, a treasure trove of experiences awaits.

Armenian churches often serve as the epicenter of Armenian culture in Armenian communities around the world. That’s no different in Sydney, where the Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Resurrection, stands proudly as a beacon of spirituality and community. Admire its striking architecture and immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of this sacred space.

About 30 minutes from the church is the suburb of Ryde, home to a significant population of Armenian residents. Fun fact: even the mayor of Ryde is Armenian! Sarkis Yedelian initially served as an Independent Councillor for the City of Ryde in 2004, securing a subsequent re-election for a second term in 2008. In May 2010, Yedelian transitioned to the Liberal Party and successfully secured re-election for a third term. His tenure extended to re-elections for both a fourth and fifth term. He’s known as the longest serving councilor in Ryde, and the first of Armenian descent.

Yedelian did his duty as an Armenian to get the Armenian Genocide recognized in his local municipality. Ryde became the first local council in Australia to recognize the Armenian Genocide in 2005. This gradually led to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Australia’s House of Representatives in 2018. An Armenian Genocide Memorial sits at the Memorial Park in Ryde. Here, visitors can pay respects and reflect on the resilience of the Armenian people.

If you want to attend the Armenian Film Festival of Australia, plan your visit for the tail end of summer! Experience Armenian culture through the cinematic lenses of talented Armenian storytellers. This festival is held in both Sydney and in Melbourne, another city with a thriving community of Armenians.

Unfortunately, and surprisingly, there aren’t any restaurants in Sydney that specifically serve Armenian cuisine. However, you can still find comfort in some of the Mediterranean restaurants in the area. Grab a quick bite of Greek/Lebanese fusion street food at Souks Mediterranean or treat yourself to a fine dining experience at The Apollo Restaurant. 

While immersing yourself in Sydney's Armenian heritage, take time to explore other attractions the city has to offer. Stroll along the picturesque shores of Bondi Beach, marvel at the iconic Sydney Opera House, or embark on a scenic harbor cruise to see the city from a different perspective. For a taste of Sydney's thriving arts scene, visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales, home to an extensive collection of Australian and international artworks. Lose yourself in the beauty of indigenous art or discover emerging talents from around the world.

Sydney's Armenian community invites you to embark on a cultural odyssey unlike any other. From exploring historic landmarks to savoring delectable cuisine, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Come, discover the hidden charms of Sydney's Armenian enclave and let its rich tapestry of culture and heritage captivate your senses.

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