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Christmas in Spain: Is there a Santa Claus?

Christmas in Spain has a unique until the end to find out what it is!

Many Spanish customs celebrating Christmas are familiar. Christmas trees, lights and other decorations cover the streets, Nativity scenes are put on display in many homes, and markets are bustling with shoppers looking for gifts for their loved ones. Many people attend a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, which Spaniards call "La Misa del Gallo," or "The Mass of the Rooster."

Before or after attending mass, families host a special Christmas dinner, which almost always includes their famous Christmas cake called the Roscón de Reyes. Inside the cake are a hidden fava bean and small figurine; whoever finds the figurine in their slice is blessed with good luck for the whole year, and whoever finds the bean has to pay for next year's cake!

So what is the unique twist in Spanish Christmas? It's that there is no Santa Claus! Instead of the famous bearded man in the red suit, Spain celebrates Christmas with the Three Kings/Three Wise Men, known as the Reyes Magos. Like Santa Claus, the Reyes Magos also deliver gifts to children who have been good all year. Instead of climbing down the chimney on Christmas Eve, however, they parade through town on floats on January 5th, throwing out candy to happy children!

If you're ever looking to have a unique Christmas experience, Spain is the place to celebrate! 🇪🇸🎄

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