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Coming in 2024 - Day Trip Fee to Explore Venice

Next year, there will be a mandatory day trip fee to explore Venice, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy.
There will be a day trip fee required to enter Venice, Italy starting 2024

This decision comes as no surprise. The implementation of a day trip fee to enter the famous city had been discussed and debated for years. It was first introduced as an idea in 2019, but the city didn’t move forward with it partly due to the pandemic. The idea was again discussed in 2022-2023, until it was finalized for 2024.

Oftentimes, tourists outnumber the people living in Venice, which can be problematic. The purpose of the day trip fee is to maintain balance and harmony between visitors and actual citizens/residents by preventing overtourism.

If you’re planning a visit in 2024, here’s what you need to know about the day trip fee to explore Venice:
  • It will cost €5 ($5.36) per person

  • It will be imposed on visitors ages 14 and up

  • It will be implemented on a trial basis, being in effect mainly just at times when its most crowded

  • The day trip fee won’t apply to overnight visitors

The new day trip fee is not the beginning of Venice’s efforts to preserve the city. It might not be the end either. In 2021, Italy banned the passage of large cruise ships through the Venice canals. This act prevented Venice from being included in UNESCO’s World Heritage danger list.

But today, the famous city is still at risk due to overtourism. It can even be unpleasant for visitors themselves, sometimes, because of this.

Thankfully, there are many other gorgeous areas in Italy. Call us at (818) 543-1821 and one of our travel specialists will advise you on alternative Italian cities to visit and explore!

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