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Pack These 3 Kinds of Bags on Your Next Trip

Packing is probably the least fun part of travel. It can be quite challenging for many people. There are already lots of articles and videos about the best ways to pack. With this blog post, we want to shed light on an underrated tip: Pack these 3 kinds of bags on your next trip:

Zip Loc Bags

Zip Loc bags are absolutely essential to have in your carry on bag or suitcase! They’re super handy for storing loose, small items, such as cosmetics and q-tips, and keeping them neatly organized and separated from the rest of your belongings. You should certainly use a few small Zip Loc bags, and even pack a couple of extras in case you need them during your trip!

Reusable Bags

Having 1-2 reusable plastic or tote bags will be very useful. After all, you will need a place to store your dirty/used clothes separate from your clean attire. A reusable bag can serve as a laundry bag. You might also just need a bag that can be useful for your activities during the day - such as shopping and going to the beach.

Dry Bag

This is the most heavy-duty kind of bag on this list. A dry bag is a bag that is waterproof inside and out. For example, if you participate in a water activity such as kayaking, you can safely put your items in this bag because it will keep your items dry. Inversely, let’s say you are going back to the hotel from the beach but don’t want the rental car seats to get wet - you can put your wet bathing suits in the bag and it will be safely contained. This bag won’t be necessary for all kinds of trips, but it is good to own!

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