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SVH Travel Agents’ Favorite Destinations

The world is so big and grand - there are endless incredible and interesting places to explore. That makes it quite difficult to select a favorite destination, but we asked some of our agents to choose anyway. Here’s what they had to say!


“If I had to choose just one favorite destination it would have to be Italy - especially the city of Florence. It is so beautiful and rich in culture and history. I love planning trips for clients there.”


“I love Europe in general, especially Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. Each country has its own unique charm - from flamenco dancing in Spain to eating delicious pasta in Italy to taking in the views of the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, you can’t go wrong with any of those destinations.”


“It’s hard to pick just one favorite! I base my travel recommendations on whatever the clients’ preferences are. For me, personally, I just love any place that has a nice beach with clear blue waters where I can relax.”

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