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Tatev, Zoya, Sevak, Arpi and Gevorg Put on a SHOW!

We just got back from our Mother’s Day Cruise, and WOW - we are still feeling all the joy and awe from the stunning performances that our amazing Armenian stars put on for us! 

The talented heartthrob Gevorg Sirekanyan started us off with some beautiful love songs. His voice perfectly set the vibe for the afternoon and got everybody swaying side to side, feeling all the emotions that came with the music. After finishing his set, he introduced the lovely ARPI and welcomed her to the stage for her performance.

ARPI came on with a big smile to start off her amazing set. It wasn’t long before she got audience members out of their seats to sing and dance along with her. She got everybody’s energy up and set the tone for an awesome time. Towards the end of her set, she brought out Sevak Amroyan to perform their song together, creating the perfect transition for him to take the stage for his wonderful performance.

Sevak took the stage, first with some words in respect to our incredible Armenian mothers and parents (he just became a father himself!). Then, he let his powerful voice take over the entire Royal Theater, moving all of us to our core. He ended his set strong with his hit song Yarkushta, even inviting audience members to dance on stage with him! After the patriotic musical number, he brought out the gorgeous Zoya to the stage.

Zoya began her performance with a beautiful love song, inviting couples in the audience to slow dance and feel the music in their hearts. Then with a quick, yet seamless transition, she brought the energy all the way up with her upbeat pop songs, even getting off the stage to connect with the audience up close. She had everybody dancing and singing, whether in their seats or on the stage with her.

After Zoya’s set, our awesome entertainment liaison Vahik Pihramzei came out to introduce Tatev Asatryan to the stage. Tatev immediately captivated the audience with her energy, starting with a beautiful ballad that truly let her voice shine. She brought all elements of excitement to the Royal Theater with her for her overall performance, from singing and dancing with guests in the audience to even previewing a song she had just written the day before. In between her amazing songs, she showed her gratitude to everybody and moved us with her kindness and humbleness.

All of our performers did an incredible job and showed us an amazing time. The SVH Travel team couldn’t be more grateful that we were able to put this together for our guests. We already can’t wait for the next time we get to do this! Who would you like for us to invite to perform?

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