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The New RIU Palace Aquarelle in Jamaica

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Falmouth, Jamaica, the RIU Palace Aquarelle is redefining luxury and sustainability in the Caribbean. Opened in May 2024, this stunning 5-star, all-inclusive resort promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking the perfect blend of comfort, adventure, and eco-consciousness.

Unparalleled Accommodations

The RIU Palace Aquarelle boasts 753 exquisitely designed rooms, including the unique first-floor swim-up suites that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Each room is a haven of tranquility, featuring modern amenities, elegant décor, and expansive spaces to ensure the utmost comfort for guests. The earthy tones and organic motifs create a serene ambiance, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Culinary Delights

Food enthusiasts will be thrilled with the diverse dining options available at the resort's six themed restaurants. Indulge in the delectable buffet at "White Bay," savor gourmet dishes at "Krystal," or enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at "Napoli." For those craving Asian flavors, "Kyoto" is a must-visit, while "Steakhouse" offers the finest grilled delights. Don't miss "Pepe's Food," a jerk-style grill that serves up traditional Jamaican fare. With six bars, including a swim-up bar and a 24-hour sports bar, you'll never be far from a refreshing drink or a tasty snack.

Fun and Adventure for All Ages

The RIU Palace Aquarelle is a paradise for both adults and children. The resort features an exclusive water park, "Splash Water World," with thrilling water slides and a dedicated children's area. Guests can also unwind in one of the six swimming pools or take a leisurely stroll along the pristine White Bay beach, known for its white sands and crystal-clear waters.

Commitment to Sustainability

As the first RIU hotel in the Caribbean to harness solar energy, the RIU Palace Aquarelle sets a new standard for eco-friendly hospitality. The resort is equipped with 795 solar panels that generate up to 470,000 kWh of clean energy annually, reducing its carbon footprint by approximately 221,482 kilograms of CO2 each year. This initiative is part of RIU's Proudly Committed sustainability strategy, demonstrating the brand's dedication to preserving the natural beauty of its destinations.

Explore the Rich Culture of Falmouth

Falmouth, a town rich in history and culture, offers guests a unique glimpse into Jamaica's past. Founded in 1769, Falmouth was a thriving hub during the sugar and rum trade era. Today, visitors can explore its colonial architecture, vibrant markets, and fascinating museums, all while soaking in the laid-back Caribbean atmosphere.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an adventurous escape, the RIU Palace Aquarelle in Falmouth, Jamaica, promises an experience like no other. With its luxurious accommodations, diverse dining options, exciting activities, and commitment to sustainability, this new gem in the Caribbean is set to become a favorite among discerning travelers.

Book your stay at the RIU Palace Aquarelle and discover why Jamaica is known as the heart of the Caribbean. For more information and reservations, contact SVH Travel at (818) 543-1821 and start planning your dream vacation today.

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