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The One Reason Why Royal Caribbean is Better Than Carnival

Our Mother’s Day Cruise in 2023 was aboard the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas, and it was my first cruise ever. I was super excited for the experience and was looking forward to all the things that the ship had to offer. A big part of the experience, of course, was the delicious cocktails that the ship’s bartenders were serving up. I tried a few different types of drinks, from smooth and sweet sangrias to yummy, fruity cocktails. The drink that stood out the most, however, was the ice-blended mint mojito -  a refreshing twist on a classic choice. I was instantly hooked, and eternally grateful to the bartender who recommended it to me. 

The next cruise that I got to go on was our Cruise to Cabo back in February of this year, aboard the Carnival Panorama. Since I had such a great first cruise experience, I was looking forward to giving it a second go on a new ship. Overall, I had an awesome time and enjoyed the ship for all it had to offer. However, I was deeply disappointed when I went to the bar and asked for an ice-blended mojito. “Sorry, we don’t do that. We can do a regular mojito,” the bartender said to me. No thank you - that’s boring! 

Thank goodness our Mother’s Day Cruise this year was once again on the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas. The first drink I ordered was, of course, the ice-blended mint mojito and I was relieved to know that they still serve it. It was just as delicious as I remembered it, and my mom loved it too. Everybody who saw us with the frozen cocktail asked us what we were drinking, and ended up ordering and loving it too. 

All that being said, my friends,that is the one reason why Royal Caribbean is better than Carnival - because it serves ice-blended mint mojitos!

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