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Top 5 Cities in the World to Celebrate Halloween

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

It’s October, so you know what that means…

It’s spooky season!

Make your Halloween extra special this year by taking your spooky celebrations out of town!

Here’s a list of the top 5 cities in the world to celebrate Halloween:

1. New York, New York

NYC is known as the place to be for Christmas and New Years,

but it also has one of the biggest Halloween parades in the world with more than 2 million participants dressed in creative costumes each year

2. Oaxaca, Mexico

Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is one of the most important Mexican holidays.

It’s celebrated between October 31 to November 2 - so you’ll enjoy 3 whole days of unique cultural festivities!

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Halloween is a great time to be in Vegas - but you better be in a great costume because many of the hotels and casinos host costume parties with cash prizes! And if you don’t win - you can try your luck at the slots.

4. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is well known for its infamous Salem Witch Trials in 1692; to this day it’s called The Witch City! Not only will you find a museum devoted to witches, but there are also numerous Halloween events that take place around the city.

Last but not least…

5. Dublin, Ireland - the birthplace of Halloween!

Needless to say, there is so much to do in the city during this time of year. Visit the Chamber of Horrors at the Wax Museum or join one of the many festivals and events taking place, like the frightening Nightmare Realm event or the fun-filled Bram Stoker Festival!

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