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What is a destination wedding?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


Couples are always looking for the most elegant and exclusive way to celebrate their magical moment. Destination weddings are the perfect choice for those who want an unforgettable start to their beautiful marriage...and here's what they're all about!

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Spend Less, Get More

Many of our most favorite destination weddings are organized at all-inclusive beachfront resorts. These hotels accommodate couples with many luxury amenities that allow for a unique experience, without breaking the bank. Compared with traditional weddings, which cost on average $30-50 thousand dollars, many destination weddings are only a fraction of that, sitting around $4-8 thousand dollars (in some cases, they may even be free!)

Boutique to Grand

With several different destination wedding resorts to choose from, couples can experience their magical moment with friends and family. Ranging anywhere from between 10-20 guests in boutique resorts to large weddings of over 150 guests, the perfect experience is always available.

Allowing for a beautiful combination of wedding and honeymoon, destination weddings are enjoyed for more than just one night!

No Hassle

Destination Wedding coordinators are on-site in resorts to ensure that the experience is all planned to perfection. No more worrying about calling this flower company or arranging with this band, the coordinators in the all-inclusive resorts are available to plan all of the intricate details that make a wedding special.

A few of the services include organizing the wedding reception, religious services, dinner, and all other events. All destination wedding resorts also have the options for planning with audio/lighting technicians, DJs, bands, and other services for the wedding.


SVH Travel Team

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