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What is Travel Tuesday?

What is Travel Tuesday?

You’ve heard of Black Friday, you’ve heard of Cyber Monday. There is one more day full of amazing savings that we don’t talk about as much: Travel Tuesday!

Travel Tuesday is exactly what it sounds like it is. Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is a day dedicated to saving big on travel. Of the three shopping holidays, Travel Tuesday is the latest and greatest. Whereas Black Friday started all the way back in 1951 and Cyber Monday started in 2005, Travel Tuesday started just 7 years ago in 2016.

Of course, during the pandemic, it was the one shopping holiday we couldn’t indulge in. Three years later, the travel bug has taken over Covid’s place, so to speak. People are just itching for new experiences in places they’ve never been!

Many travel suppliers participate in all three of the holidays, so Travel Tuesday is just an extra treat!

We actually have our very own special deal going on this month for our loyal SVH Travelers. As you may have heard, we’ll be having our beloved Mother’s Day Cruise again next year on May 17-20, 2024. Book BEFORE November 30th, 2023 to take advantage of our limited-time-only discounted rates. Prices will go up starting December 1st so act fast! Call (818) 543-1821 to book now.

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