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Is Skiplagged legit?

Is Skiplagged legit? The short answer is no.

SVH Travelers, you might stumble upon incredible flight deals online listed by Skiplagged and similar websites. Beware, however. As tempting as these deals may look, they could come at a greater cost.

Skiplagged, an online flight booking tool, is renowned for offering significantly lower rates. But of course, there’s always a catch. The catch here is that they employ the controversial practice of “hidden city ticketing.”

What does hidden city ticketing entail? Allow us to explain.

Let’s say you are in Los Angeles and you want to fly to New York City. You input this information into Skiplagged, and it searches for all flights that include connections to NYC from LA, even if NYC isn’t the actual final destination for the flight. So a regular flight to NYC from LA could be $500, but an airline might be doing a promotional deal for a flight from LA to Miami with a layover in NYC for $400. What Skiplagged will do is show you that $400 deal for an LA to NYC flight, and it’ll just drop the flight to Miami. This is a loophole and not technically allowed. 

In fact, hidden city ticketing is so disapproved of that it could lead to a traveler being blacklisted by an airline. This explains why Skiplagged (and similar sites) frequently change company names and IATA numbers.

Therefore, if you ever come across a tempting flight deal online, verify the seller. For the absolute most peace of mind, call us at (818) 543-1821 and our team will help you get the best flight for the best price for wherever you want to go.

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