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Reintroducing the SVH Team

Having been in business for 30+ years, we at SVH Travel have had the privilege of serving many of you for all your travel needs. We take great pride in forming and developing amazing relationships with our loyal clients. By now, we’re sure that you have been acquainted with our awesome team of travel agents - however, we thought a reintroduction would be appropriate as we begin the new year!

Allow us to re-introduce you to our incredible team:

Vic - President

Rooted in Vic's unwavering passion for travel, SVH Travel emerged in the early '90s under his direct client-centric approach, crafting exceptional travel experiences. Over the years, Vic's visionary leadership has propelled the business to its current pinnacle, marking a journey of continuous growth and excellence.

Edwin - Operations Manager

Vic’s older son, Edwin, is an impassioned professional committed to his role as an Operations Manager for SVH Travel. Fueled by a deep love for his work, Edwin's purpose revolves around crafting unforgettable travel experiences tailored for the Armenian community, embodying a sincere dedication to cultural enrichment and memorable journeys.

Jacob - Sales Manager

Vic’s younger son, Jacob, is not only a Sales Manager for the company but an incredibly talented travel agent in his own right. Specializing in all-inclusive travel, he has provided numerous clients with amazing vacation experiences.

Satenik - Front Desk Specialist

When you call or walk into the SVH Travel office, you’re greeted by our lovely Front Desk Specialist, Satenik. Her friendly demeanor is a reflection of SVH Travel’s exceptional service and dedication to providing customer delight.

Varsik - Client Relations Manager/Destination Wedding Specialist

Expect a call from Varsik if your trip is coming up soon! She will help you in making sure you are 100% ready for your unforgettable travel experience and will answer any questions you may have before departure. And if you are planning your wedding and looking to have a unique destination experience - Varsik is more than happy to help!

Anelya - Travel Specialist

Anelya specializes in Asia and Europe travel. She’s dedicated to serving clients who are eager to explore and learn about these regions. Her own favorite travel destination is Italy, especially the historically/culturally rich city of Florence. 

Anet  - Travel Specialist

Anet specializes in flight ticketing and cruise trips. She works directly with clients to ensure they get the best flights based on price, class, and times. Plus, her expertise in all kinds of cruises ensures that clients get exactly the kind of on-the-water experience they are looking for.

Liana - Travel Specialist

Liana specializes in Mexico and Caribbean travel. These two regions are especially well-known for their all-inclusive resorts, which Liana has plenty of expertise in. This year, she is particularly excited for the opening of Secrets Tulum and Blanco Costa Mujeres!

Mariam - Travel Specialist

Mariam specializes in Asia and Europe travel. She especially enjoys planning trips in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. She is also always striving to discover new destinations and experiences to share with her clients, and is looking forward to doing more of that this year.

Ruzanna - Travel Specialist

Ruzanna specializes in Asia and Europe travel. She enjoys planning all kinds of different trips depending on her clients’ preferences; her personal favorite kind of travel, however, is a relaxing beach vacation anywhere that has clear blue waters.

Starr - Travel Specialist

Starr specializes in all kinds of vacation package experiences, whether it’s in Mexico, Caribbean, or Europe. She caters to clients’ needs and works with them to curate their dream vacation. 

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