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Where do all the grounded planes go?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


With a hit in demand, tens of thousands of planes have been decommissioned for the time-being. But where are they stored?

Full aerial video by Wolficorn:

Southern California Logistics Airport

Located in the Mojave Desert in Victorville, the Southern California Logistics Airport was a former Air Force base turned into a storage facility for many aircraft throughout the years.

Today, the airport is jam-packed with hundreds of aircraft that have been out of service as COVID-19 has taken a toll on air traffic. Located about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, many locals can witness the never-before seen sight of over 400 airplanes parked side-by-side.

Southwest Boeing 737 Max

In 2019, Southwest encountered a technical issue with their Boeing 737 Max aircraft and had the airplanes stored in this airport. The SCLA has the second-largest public-use runway in the United States, making it an ideal location to store planes of all shapes and sizes.

Mojave Desert

Airplanes are always in constant need of maintenance and attention. This airport is also ideal due to the dry climate that prevents rust and other weather-related issues that may cause an aircraft to be maintained more excessively. This means that once airliners are ready to send their jets to the skies, they won't need to worry about problems that might come with storing planes in a colder, damp environment.

This is definitely one sight for the history books!


SVH Travel Team

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