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Why is river cruising so expensive?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


With rates from $500 per person/night, most river cruise experiences are going to cost a pretty penny... but are they worth it?

5-Star Floating Hotel

Many consider a river cruise to be like a 5-star floating hotel experience. Most of the popular river cruise experiences operate in Europe where you wake up in a different beautiful city, every day!

Typically, river cruise ships are about 100m in length and accommodate 160 passengers. This allows the staff to give each and every guest personal attention and make their experience that much more luxurious. River cruises also allow travelers to have face-to-face relationships with the captains, head chefs, and many other members of the cruise line that will refer to them, by name.

Full Cultural Experience

A river cruise is usually about 7-21 days in length, allowing the guest to immerse themselves into the full culture of a specific route itinerary. The gastronomy onboard the river cruise mimics that of the local cities that are being visited. Many of the food items that are served on board are purchased locally and created fresh for the guest to enjoy!

On many river cruise lines, wine and beer is complimentary with meals.

French Balconies

We recommend any traveler looking to embark on a river cruise to book a room with a balcony, if they have the opportunity. This upgrade in room category truly makes all the difference when you open those sliding doors and look out to the beautiful sites as you pass by on the river!


SVH Travel Team

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