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Why and How to Travel During the Holidays

Holiday travel sounds intimidating, but here’s why and how to travel during the holidays.

Let’s start with the why.

The holiday season makes travel that much more fun - just think about it! Different places around the world become so much more interesting during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years because of holiday events and celebrations. Not to mention all the pretty lights and decorations that will be great for photos!

Or you can go somewhere that doesn’t have these holidays. For many places, winter months are considered off-season. Some destinations will be less busy so you can just enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Plus, there is no better way to bond with your loved ones over the holidays than by traveling.

Nonetheless, traveling during the holidays can be hectic and stressful - so let’s get into the how.

Here are 5 tips to make your holiday travel experience smooth and seamless:

  1. You already know this one - book in advance!

  2. Be flexible with your dates if possible - if you can fly on the actual holiday dates, even better

  3. Make reservations for restaurants and excursions ahead of time

  4. Pack light - with just your carry-on bag, you won’t have to worry about waiting for your luggage - or worse: losing it!

  5. Last but not least - book with one of our SVH Travel Agents. We’ll automatically cut all your holiday travel stress in half.

It’s not too late to book a fun holiday trip - call us at (818) 543-1821 to plan it!

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