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What's the dirtiest place in an airplane?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


Over 2.7 million people travel onboard airplanes every day. With 44,000 flights, it's important to know where the dirtiest area in an aircraft is and how you can avoid picking up those germs!

Drum roll please... the tray tables! With over 2,150 colony-forming units (fancy biological term for calculating number of bacteria) per square inch, the tray tables are almost 10x more dirty than the lavatory flush button.

Because of the rapid turnover between flights, the cleaning crew rarely has enough time to disinfect the tray tables between an arrival and departure of any given aircraft.

Before boarding your next flight, we suggest buying a pack of disinfecting wipes (we found a 3-pack on Amazon for $9.99) and wiping down the surface of the tray table to ensure you protect yourself from someone else's germs.


SVH Travel Team

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